Our next course dates

Our online courses are usually split over two half days to make the learning more enjoyable, more manageable and to leave you time to do whatever else you need to do. Our webinars, on the other hand, last around one hour.

To book onto BOTH parts of any course, click onto Part 1 and choose the 2-part discount ticket option. On some courses* you can choose to book onto Part 1 or 2 separately. All our courses can also be booked in-house for your organisation.

Introduction to Welfare Benefits

    This course will also run on 20th/21st September 2021

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)*

    This course will also run 14th/15th October 2021

Universal Credit Overview*

    This course will also run on 7th/8th October 2021

Remote Interviewing Skills

    This course will also run in 2022 TBC

Universal Credit in Depth (Advanced)

    This course will also run on 22nd/23rd November 2021

Limited Capability for Work

    This course will also run in 25th/26th November 2021

Preparing for an Appeal Tribunal 

    This course will also run on 8th/9th November 2021 

Mental Health Awareness for the Advice Sector

    This course will also run in March 2022 TBC

Benefits for European Migrants

    This course will also run on 1st/2nd December 2021

Benefits Update Webinar

  • A one-hour webinar every three months with updates on recent DWP guidance & legislation, case law, strategies for problem areas and casework advice and coaching
  • This webinar can also extend or renew access to our comprehensive benefits advice service
    This webinar will also run on  Thursday 30th September 2021
Completing Universal Credit Calculations
  • Understand how Universal Credit is calculated/Identify the elements that make up a maximum award; 
  • How different types of income and capital are assessed in UC/Calculate UC accurately on behalf of clients and service users.
This course will run on Wednesday 6th October 2021

Benefits for Older People*

   This course will also run on 18th/19th January 2022

Benefits for Students

    This course will also run on 14th/15th February 2022

*NEW* Disability Living Allowance & Child Disability Payment

    This course will also run on 9th/10th February 2022

*NEW* Introduction to Debt

    This course will also run on 7th/8th April 2022

See ONLINE COURSE INFO for more general information about course costs, certificates and access to 12 months post course advice.

Please contact us at info@benefitstraining.co.uk or 0203 488 4765 to discuss booking an online course for yourself or your organisation.