It is important to make sure universal credit awards are accurate according to the claimant’s circumstances and, where someone is being underpaid, arrears are awarded correctly. This may be because of a change of circumstances reported late or because something else has gone wrong. 

This webinar looks at how changes of circumstances should be notified to the DWP and how to check that awards are decided correctly, including the correct payment of arrears. 

Questions/topics covered

  • How different changes of circumstances might need to be reported differently. 
  • How to check arrears are worked out and paid correctly. 
  • How to use the revision, supersession and appeals rules including those on official error. 
  • Other practical tips and strategies for ensuring UC awards are paid correctly. 

Methods of delivery
This webinar is delivered online live with Will Hadwen and David Stickland. 

Intended audience
This webinar is at an advanced/update level. A working knowledge of universal credit is assumed. 

What you will need
Participants will need a Wi-Fi connection and a suitable device to access the internet. Prior to the event, participants will receive an email with a link which they should use to join the event.