90-minute webinar, available in-house.


It is often possible for the Work Capability Assessment to be carried out in Universal Credit when a claimant is working. 

This webinar looks at the process and implications for achieving Limited Capability for Work (LCW) / Limited Capability for Work Related Activity (LCWRA) status for claimants who are in work. 

Questions/topics covered

  • How and when is it possible to have the Work Capability Assessment process started for people who are in work?
  • How can I ensure income is maximised via the UC work allowance as well as via the LCWRA element for people who are in work? 
  • When is a disability benefit needed and what happens if it is awarded retrospectively?
  • How is it different for the ‘treated as’ rules (e.g. cancer treatments)?
  • The 16-hour x National Minimum Wage rule – how can I make sure earnings are assessed correctly?

Methods of delivery
This webinar is delivered online live with Lindsay Fletcher and Sarah Batty. 

Intended audience
This webinar is for participants with previous experience of Universal Credit who are working with people affected by a health condition or disability. 

What you will need
Participants will need a Wi-Fi connection and a suitable device to access the internet. Prior to the event, participants will receive an email with a link which they should use to join the event.