Introduction to Debt Advice


This course provides and overview of the debt advice process and helps staff support tenants and service users with debt problems.


Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the process of effective debt management;

  • Know which debts are priority and which are non-priority;

  • Have an overview of liability for debt including the Statute of Limitations Act;

  • Understand how to effectively maximise income;

  • Know how to prepare a financial statement;

  • Be able to calculate pro-rata offers to creditors;

  • Understand how to deal with common problems with creditors;

  • Know what national resources (including face to face, telephone and online) are available to help clients deal with debt and when it is appropriate to refer to them;

  • Have access to advice regarding any debt question for 12 months after the course.


Methods of delivery

This is a practical course. It is delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, group work and exercises, case studies, group discussion and games.


Suitable for

This course is relevant to anyone who works with clients with debt problems.