Universal Credit in Practice


This course addresses the problems and practical solutions that advisers may need to employ when working with Universal Credit claimants.


Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Know when it is advisable to claim UC or whether legacy benefits remain available;

  • Be aware of current eligibility issues affecting people when claiming UC;

  • Be able to advise on making and maintaining an online claim;

  • Understand the effect of UC on specific claimant groups; 

  • Be aware of the factors that affect entitlement and how UC is calculated;

  • Be able to deal with work related requirements and sanctions;

  • Know when a problem can be resolved by MR/appeal and when it may be necessary to use non-statutory interventions including the Independent Case Examiner;

  • Be aware of other current issues and how to deal with them;

  • Have access to advice regarding any Universal Credit question for 12 months after the course.


Methods of delivery

This is a practical course. It is delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, group work and exercises, case studies, group discussion and games.


Suitable for

This course is relevant to anyone who works with claimants of working age. Participants should have a basic knowledge of UC and working knowledge of the wider benefits system.