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December 2021

Fratila is lost on appeal; Changes to UC taper rate and work allowances; Childcare costs in UC still an issue; Jonathan Ashworth news Shadow Secretary of State; Supporting care-experienced families

November 2021

The Budget according to benefits; Chancellor responds to call for increase in legal aid; UC case challenges; Requesting an audio recording of a PIP assessment; Allocation and use of Household Support Fund


October 2021

Government allocates Household Support Fund to local councils; Change in Covid easing for Working Tax Credit claimants; HRT and PPT waiver for some Afghan refugees; DWP seeking those affected by PIP Activity 9 judgment; Rise in disallowed PIP claims; N Ireland assists with upfront childcare costs


September 2021

Secretary of State rejects calls to extend UC uplift; Protected rights for EU nationals; Bereavement benefits advice for unmarried parents

August 2021

£10k+ for couple who missed out on transitional protection; More calls to retain the uplift; Concerns over restoration of Minimum Income Floor; DWP concedes judicial review over PIP appeal 'cold calls'.

July 2021

CJEU opinion on UC refusal to presettled residents; EU benefits will not stop overnight; Disabled student challenges UC ban; 300,000+ affected by LHA shortfall and UC deductions


June 2021

Face to face 'works best' says Tribunal Head; Remote tribunals - what has worked for you?; Settled & pre-settled status application deadline; COVID-19 claims checked; More information shared with local authorities


May 2021

Judicial Review to challenge lack of ESA uplift; Bereavement support for cohabitees?; Huge shortfall in LHA for private rentals; Launch of Breathing Space


April 2021

Return to face-to-face assessments; Plans to amend Judicial Review process; DWP post-COVID initiatives; State Pension and the Universal Credit run-on; Learning the lessons of COVID-19


March 2021

DWP to stay pre-Brexit pre-settled claim decisions; Budget 2021: Uplift retained, furlough prolonged; More changes to Work Capabililty Assessments; Safeguarding vulnerable claimants; End to 6 months benefits rule for terminally ill claimants?


February 2021

DWP fails to keep up; Effects of removal of SDP gateway; More pressure to retain UC uplift; Not all PIP claims extended;

January 2021

Closure of SDP Gateway; Post-Brexit changes to benefits; No COVID extension for benefit cap grace period; Closed UC claims double after failed Habitual Residence Tests

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