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In the news


Secretary of State rejects calls to extend UC uplift

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Dr Thérèse Coffey, has rejected calls to extend the £20 a week Universal Credit 'uplift', which she claims was only ever meant to be in place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite more joint letters, including one from the social security ministers (or equivalent) for each of the devolved governments, another open letter from 100 national organisations working directly with benefits claimants, plus new analysis from the Joseph Rowntreee Foundation showing that the removal of the uplift will affect one in three families in over 400 constituencies,  Dr Coffey has continued to insist that the  'temporary' uplift, which in any case has not compensated for the ongoing effects of the austerity-driven benefits 'freeze' of 2015, must end.

In addition, a coalition of housing and debt advice organisations has warned of the increased risk of poverty, debt and homelessness that will follow both a frozen Local Housing Allowance and the imminent removal of the UC uplift. This will come in addition to a planned National Insurance 'social care tax' increase for the 39% of UC claimants who also work. Prepare yourselves!


Quick links to other benefits-related news

​​Non-recovery of hardship payments

The Public Law project has published the DWP's process for claimants to request the non-recovery of hardship payments.

Long Covid on PIP disabilities list

'Long Covid' is to be added to list of primary disabilities recorded following a PIP assessment.


Return of the MIF

The reintroduction of the Minimum Income Floor will impact some self employed UC claimants from mid September 2021.

Claimants notified about end of uplift

UC claimants have been notified in their online journal of the date of their final uplift payment.


Quick links to selected recent benefits-related case law


Tribunal erred in law in not considering medical evidence supplied after appeal




Tribunals should postpone co-habiting partner bereavement support appeals until law is amended

CG/1616/2019 (interim decision)



Adequate explanation given for lower PIP rate after transfer from DLA


Use of pen and paper in the absence of speech is within scope of an aid /appliance to verbal communication


DLA to PIP: Tribunal wrong to find claimant had failed to attend medical with no good reason


NI Court of Appeal overturns High Court judgement that differential treatment for claimants with terminal illnesses is unlawful

Original decision: [2020] NIQB 53



Tribunal should not have used JSA regs to decide entitlement to unemployment credits after failure to attend interview



Links to recent government regulations, guidance & bulletins

Touchbase 27 Aug 2021

DWP news including updates to UC monthly payment process; Claim form of Sure Start Maternity Grant; information on new Child Maintenance Group address.

Memo ADM 13/21 and DMG 10/21

Guidance relating to changes to DLA and PIP made following the introduction of Child Disability Payment in Scotland.



Memo ADM 12-21 and DMG 09-21

Guidance on treating Scottish Child Disability Payment as a qualifying benefit for the purpose of means tested benefits (see also SCOTLAND).


Impact of new state pension

New guidance highlights that new rules do not provide for paying living costs increases on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions.


Touchbase 13 August 2021

DWP news on deadline for Health & Disability Green paper consulation; udated guidance on redundancy; and moving final PO card account users to the Payment Exception Service.


Lapsing Appeals

DWP amends best practice memo on Lapsing Appeals after conceding judicial review on PIP cold calls.



Brexit has been blamed for empty supermarket shelves

Protected rights for EU nationals

The government has confirmed the rights of EU nationals who have applied late to the EU Settlement Scheme will be protected.

The DWP had previously advised local authorities that extra statutory payments could be made to late applicants during a grace period following 30 June 2021, but Home Office minister Kevin Foster has since confirmed that the government will 'protect their rights until their application and any appeal is decided.'

Bereavement benefits advice

If you are in any doubt about how to advise unmarried / cohabiting partners with children on their entitlement to bereavement benefits, given that the government is still not paying them, our advice is for surviving partners with children to claim, request mandatory reconsideration and appeal, even though the appeal will not yet be decided.


Work & Pensions Secretary, Dr Thérèse Coffey

Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales

Links to articles, reports and guidance which separately affect benefits in Scotland, Wales and/or Northern Ireland,  when they differ significantly to those in England or the rest of the UK.



Social Security Scotland guidance on transfer of child DLA to devolved Child Disability Payment


Rollout of Adult Disability Payment in Scotland likely to lead to 20% increase in case load and spending

Memo ADM 13/21 and DMG 10/21

Guidance relating to changes to DLA and PIP made following the introduction of Child Disability Payment in Scotland (see also LATEST GUIDANCE)


SNP/Green power sharing agreement includes commitment of support to people with no access to public funds


Guidance on treating Scottish Child Disability Payment as a qualifying benefit for the purpose of means tested benefits (see also LATEST GUIDANCE)

More than 100 anti-poverty organisations call for doubling Scottish Child payment this year

Scottish Government consultation on setting up a Minimum Income Guarantee for Scotland

Changes to rules for terminally ill people could lead to a 90% increase in successful benefit applications


Scottish Government proposes that Covid related rules on virtual courts or tribunals should be extended beyond March 2022


Social Security Scotland to roll out face to face service for new claims from Nov 2021



Expiry of Coronavirus related benefits provisions from 30 September




Dept of Communications publishes latest Universal Credit, PIP and benefit cap statistics


(to May 2021)


Legislation on recovery of overpaid benefits


20% of discretionary support challenges changed or returned at 2nd Review stage

Number of households in absolute poverty at a record low in 2019/20




Self isolation support payment raised to £750