Benefits for Students


This is a two-part course, run on two consecutive days. To attend the whole course, please select 2-Part Discount ticket for £120 + VAT, you do not then need to book separately onto Part 2. If you wish to attend Part 1 only, choose the Single Part ticket.


BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS, Part 1: course outline

  • Registration

  • Legacy benefits and student eligibility 


  • Calculating legacy benefits


This part of the course outlines who is a student in legacy benefits, and which exceptions allow students to claim benefits. It enables participants to spot who is going to be excluded from benefits, and which claimants are likely to be exempt from the restrictions. This part of the course goes on to look at the student status rules for disability and carer benefits, and looks at how student income affects legacy benefits.



  • Understand the definitions of ‘full-time student’ in legacy benefits and know where to find out more; - *Be aware of the main exceptions which allow some students to claim these benefits;

  • Understand the consequences when legacy benefits are lost due to student status/income.

  • Understand how student status may affect disability benefits and Carer’s Allowance;

  • Know what student income is taken into account for legacy means-tested benefits;

  • Understand how student income is calculated over academic terms forlegacy benefits;

  • Be able to advise students on legacy benefits about the consequences of studying


BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS, Part 2 course outline:

  • Questions arising from Part 1

  • Universal Credit & students


  • UC work requirements & students


This part of the course clarifies which students can claim Universal Credit and how student income affects UC awards. It goes on to look at what students may have to do whilst claiming UC and explores what happens when a course ends or is given up.



  • Understand which students can claim Universal Credit;

  • Have an awareness of how student income affects UC;

  • Be able to spot when UC misses student income or takes wrong amounts into account;

  • Be able to advise clients whose legacy benefits have stopped due to student status/income; *Understand which students have to look for work whilst claiming Universal Credit and completing a course of education;

  • Understand how benefit awards for students are affected during the summer holidays and at the end of the course;

  • Understand how the end of a course may lead to a change in benefit entitlement (including a move to UC);

  • Be able to answer questions from students about the effect of time outof their studies on benefit entitlement.


Methods of delivery
This course is delivered online live with a BTC trainer. It is a practical course delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, exercises and case studies, group discussion and games. Participants will be provided with e-learning supporting material including PowerPoint slides and a comprehensive training pack pdf.


Intended audience
This course is for staff with a working knowledge of the wider system who work with students in Further Education, Higher Education or both.This course is relevant to England and Wales only, it is not relevant to claimants in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Certificates & post course support
Named participants completing the whole course (Parts 1 & 2) will receive an e-certificate and regular benefits news updates and guarantees access our free 12 months post-course advice service.