Benefits: The Problem Areas


This course invites participants to address typical problem areas currently affecting claimants and advisers when trying to access entitlement to benefits. It provides a toolkit for tackling problems as well as a useful refresher for those who have not attended training recently.


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Know when and how to use the decision making and appeals rules to challenge wrong decisions effectively;

  • Be aware of typical decision making errors in legacy benefits;

  • Be aware of typical decision making errors in Universal Credit;

  • Be aware of tactics that can be employed to protect vulnerable clients.

  • Know when and how to use a range of legislative and non-legislative processes to help people claim the right benefit and get the right decision;

  • Have access to advice regarding any benefits-related question for 12 months after the course.


Methods of delivery

This is a practical course. It is delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, group work and exercises, case studies, group discussion and games.


Suitable for

This course is relevant to advisors who currently work with benefits claimants and have some previous knowledge of the benefits system. It is particularly suitable as a follow up or refresher course.