Challenging PIP decisions

Course aims

This course examines the process of challenging a PIP decision. It looks at the mandatory reconsideration and what claimants should do in preparation for an appeal tribunal hearing.


Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the legal framework that underpins the decision making and appeals system;

  • Be able to advise on how to challenge decisions within time and when late challenges can be made;

  • Know how to write an effective mandatory reconsideration letter;

  • Know when and how to collect evidence at different stages during the mandatory reconsideration and appeal process;

  • Be able to understand and interpret the mandatory reconsideration notice and the DWP submission ahead of an appeal;

  • Be able to help people complete the SSCS1 appeal form;

  • Know how to construct a written submission to the Tribunal;

  • Know when it may be appropriate to withdraw an appeal;

  • Be able to access relevant legislation and case law in support of an appeal;

  • Be able to describe what people should expect to happen on the day of the appeal hearing including who will be present and their roles;

  • Understand the options for people who may lose their appeal;

  • Have access to advice regarding any course-related question for 12 months after the course.


Methods of delivery

This is a practical course. It is delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, group work and exercises, case studies, group discussion and games.


Suitable for

Anyone working with working age adults who have a physical, mental, learning or sensory disability or health problem.